23 Quarry Rd. P.O. Box 308 Troy, NH. 03465-0308    603-357-2980 603-242-3687 (fax)
Welcome to Cheshire Family Crematory, located in Troy, NH, and established in 2002.

We are Cheshire County’s only human crematorium.  After many years of searching for an appropriate location, our family owned service decided to make Troy our home.

We are a non-sectarian service, with an open door policy allowing all families to audit our services and facility to make sure that the values and trust they entrusted to us have been upheld to the highest standard.

Most crematories do not have an area for families to participate in the cremation process.  Our facility has been designed with European values. We have designed a viewing room for small groups to use. Some pray together and watch the process from beginning to end. We encourage families to explore this possibility and participate or send a designated family member to verify the process.

Families are opting to care for their own dead as was done in times gone by. You have the right to bring your deceased family member directly to the crematory. However, the laws are very explicit. If you are opting for this right, make sure you follow the regulations. We would be more than willing to explain the regulations and assist you in this process. If one is personally unable to care for the dead,  we highly recommend that you contact a family owned funeral service.

The funeral service provider you have opted to use does not have the right to tell you where your loved one will be cremated. You have the control to make sure your loved one stays locally or within the county. Many funeral homes use crematories they have been mandated to use by their  “corporate headquarters” or because "this is who they have always used".  Cheshire Family Crematory is family owned and operated, which means we work on your behalf, and your behalf alone.  That’s the value of personal service and caring assistance.

That’s the essence of Cheshire Family Crematory.

Questions to ask your funeral service provider:

Can I go to the crematory and observe the process?

Where will the cremation take place?

If I can't observe the cremation can I at least see the facility to make sure it's clean and verify the information associated with my loved one?

When will the cremation take place?

When should I expect my loved one back?

Why do you use this crematory and have you audited the log book in the past year?

Are the operators of the crematory certified to use the equipment and have they been inspected by the state?


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